I help high-achieving millennial women live lives they absolutely love!
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i have a feeling...

...you're a highly-motivated, driven, and ambitious woman. You carpe that damn diem on the daily.
But deep down you're feeling stuck and unfulfilled. 

I used to know that feeling all too well...

Now as a certified life coach, I help millennial women like you gain the clarity and confidence they crave, bust through self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and create lives they truly love!

Samantha Melendez Coaching is for millennial women looking to live lives they absolutely love

Coaching will give you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you really want in life.

Receive inspiration, insight, and information about all things self-love and personal development on Samantha Melendez Coaching's blog

Receive inspiration, insight, and information about how you can live a life you love on my blog.

Whether you want to make a change in your career, improve the love and kindness you show yourself, or simply establish new routines in your life, Samantha provides simple, whole-minded tools to help you achieve your goals.
— Samantha W. (28 years old)

Samantha Melendez Coaching


I'm Samantha Melendez - a certified life coach for high-achieving millennial women.

I received my professional life coaching certification through the ICF-Accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and live my purpose every day by helping high-achieving millennial women gain the confidence and clarity they crave so they can live lives they absolutely love!

Samantha has encouraged me to look within and focus on the areas that lack attention, not from others, but from myself. Through this, she has encouraged me to practice self-care and take time for myself to do what makes me truly happy.
— Megan S. (25 years old)
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